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2015 is the 29th APSMO Maths Olympiad year

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Olympiad Dates


2015 Olympiads

  Olympiad    Date
1  20th May  
2  10th June  
3  29th July  
4  19th August  
5  9th September  
  • Each Olympiad date is a Wednesday
  • Applications for date changes can be made in the Members' Area

2014 Olympiads: Team of the Year Awards

Team of Year: Division J
Region School Name Team Location Score
Australian Schools North Rocks Public School B NSW 250
Smithfield Public School A NSW 250
Non-Australian Schools Bucklands Beach Intermediate School A NZ 230
Somerville Intermediate School A NZ 230

Team of Year: Division S
Region School Name Team Location Score
Australian Selective Schools Baulkham Hills High School H NSW 218
Australian Non-Selective Mamre Anglican School B NSW 212
Non-Australian Schools Botany Downs Secondary College A NZ 164